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"Open your G.I.F.T.S Vol. 2"

MSOP Founder, Wendy Shurelds shares her story of triumph over breast cancer through devasting loss to find her passion in caring for others. Instead of  asking "Why Me?", she began living "Why Not Me" and blessings in disguise, the "gifts" were revealed making her life and the lives of others better.


This book is a collection of stories that encourages us to do just that. Each of the authors shares a part of their journey and demonstrates how they turned hardships into strengths.


G.I.F.T.S stand for Gratitude, Intention, Forgiveness, Triumph and Self-Love, and the anthology is divided into sections that address each of these themes. Reading the stories of these authors will inspire you to open your own G.I.F.T.S. and share them with the world.

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