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About Us

Many Shades of Pink Foundation is a breast cancer organization
that provides breast cancer support and resources. It was established
in 2018 by Wendy Shurelds, Breast Cancer Survivor who believes all
women and men should have resources and access to quality healthcare.

Wendy Shurelds

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Wendy Shurelds was born and raised in Lima, Ohio, a mother of two children, a Pink Cause Realtor, and the Founder, and CEO of Many Shades of Pink Foundation an organization for breast cancer support and advocacy, resources, and health equality for women.  Wendy previously was Susan G. Komen San Diego’s Circle of Promise Community Resource Advocate. Prior to joining Komen San Diego Wendy worked as a realtor and in  healthcare for over 25 years.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2013.  After fighting and winning her battle, she began advocating for all women, specifically African American women, educating and empowering them to make their breast health a priority and to ensure access to breast health resources.


Advocating on behalf of all women and men to help create an impact to decrease the mortality rate in breast cancer specifically African American women and provide support to those diagnosed with breast cancer.


Breaking Every Chain to achieve health equality through education, empowerment, outreach, and access to breast health resources to help save lives.

Wendy is a co-author of the bestseller, "Open your Gifts Vol. 2" with Kim Coles and is the host of the "Many Shades of Pink & Black Health" podcast, which educates the community on breast cancer, and other life-threatening diseases.  In May 2020, Wendy partnered with Stanford Institute and UCSD, creating a focus group for a research study: What does compassion mean in the black community.   Wendy received in November 2020 the Community Inspiration Awards from the County of San Diego Health Services Advisory Board for her impactful contributions that enhance health and wellbeing.  In 2019, she received a Certificate of Recognition from California U.S Senator Kamala Harris for the Women of Color Roar Award by Indivisible WATU for her tireless commitment to serving women in the community.  In 2017, Wendy co-founded a monthly community outreach event, "Good Health = Long Life," a mobile health and resource fair that brings over serval organizations together to provide free services to the underserved community. In addition, she is the winner of San Diego Padres 2017 Honorary Bat Girl - for her strength in fighting breast cancer and committing to helping others.

She was honored by A Philip Randolph-Institute (APRI) San Diego Chapter as a leader, still writing history for San Diego and service in the community.  Wendy is the 2016 recipient of the San Diego North County NAACP Game Changer Award for her outstanding service and community devotion. After suffering the tragic loss of her mother in a preventable workplace incident, Wendy also became an activist in 2011 for workplace health, safety, and fatalities. In this capacity, she helped write the first Family Bill of Rights, adopted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  And Wendy received the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Survivor Championship Belt in 2017 to be a community champion.

Empowering women is Wendy's passion and makes her heart smile.

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